Optimizing performance

How does Notorious Lift footwear improve your lifts?

Ultra Thin

Thin soles allow your feet to sit closer to the ground. This improves your leverages in the deadlift, which overall translates to better body positioning and a stronger deadlift.

Though flat, traditional shoes such as Converse or Vans have much thicker soles. Deadlifting in these is similar to deficit deadlifting, which makes them suboptimal if you are looking to maximize your deadlift numbers.

Our stack heights are between 3-5mm, making them among the most minimal on the market.

Lateral support

Lateral support is a major factor in powerlifting footwear, particularly for sumo deadlifters. Preventing lateral spillage over the side of the shoe is critical in order to have a stable base from which to perform the pull.

The dual straps offer security and lockdown, while the high side walls prevent your feet from sliding over the edge of the sole.

Flat Soles without Cushion

Toe spring and cushion are great for running shoes, but they don't have a place in powerlifting footwear, which require a stable base that doesn't roll or compress when force is applied.

Notorious Lift footwear has minimal toe spring and uses only solid rubber soles which minimize compression.

Unmatched Grip

Notorious Lift footwear is extremely grippy. The sticky rubber compound and traction pattern help with force generation and stability in both sumo deadlifts and bench press.

Wide Toe Box

Our newest model, Sumo Sole Gen 3, features a wide toe box while keeping the mid foot and heel standard width.

This design ensures that your toes have ample room to splay, which helps with stability and force generation, without compromising lockdown and support in the mid foot and heel.

This also improves foot health and prevents the formation of bunions.